A song of gratitude


Thinking about all you’ve gone through in these past few years… nights and days in the hospital, procedures, anesthesia, exotic medications (and my God, the number of med changes and always getting it right!), hair loss, pain, uncertainty, pandemic, the fires, social distancing (you, who thrives on socialization), trump, insurrection, so on and so forth (and leaving out some significant things for several purposes).

We come to what may be a transition point – Vaccination Day! – and I reflect on what you’ve gone through and how you’ve done it and what can I say? What can I do? Except to write this small tribute to my partner, my lover, my Shaman Princess. Except to sing this song of gratitude…

I’ve been there/here throughout.

Christmas 2020

I’ve seen you in the fire.

I’ve seen you when hope was far away.

I’ve seen you put your head down and march forward.


We’ve both been afraid.

Some good loving throughout.

Some good times woven all through.


And here we are,

Forward into our future, into our Golden Light!

Sunset, last week

As I said earlier, some things have been left out, yet the sum remains the same. This is a beautiful life and I am filled, suffused with gratitude and respect.



  1. Jim Carvell

    Wish you’d come back to Dallas for a visit.
    We could rally G5 to meet at a social distance.
    I still haven’t met your muse.
    Jim Carvell

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